ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet

ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet with X81V Digital Asic Auto Darkening Filter

It is essential that you buy a welding helmet as a protective gear for yourself if you are a welder. Welding is a sensitive process that requires utmost caution from your part as it uses harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays to weld, grind and cut the different materials to fashion something new or repair something old.

It is necessary that your welding helmet is equipped with such technologies that it is able to recognize different welding amperages and electrical arcs and adjust its level of protection according to it. For example, there are various application of a welding process such as MMA, DIC Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and plasma and each of these require a different shade too protect your eyes and skin from several infections such as cornea damage and arc eyes. Keeping these needs of a welder in mind, ArcOne has launched their X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet with X81V Digital Asic Auto Darkening Filter as an advanced safety hood that excels in protecting you during the process of welding no matter the applications and the intensity of the amperage.

ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet with X81V Digital Asic Auto Darkening Filter, Tank
  • Digital performance and an application specific integrated CIRCUIT insure maximum quality and perfect performance every time
  • 11 delay settings from 0.1 to 3.5 seconds provide the largest range in the industry
  • Extra large 12.6 square inch extreme viewing area with perfect optical properties
  • Variable shade 5-14 digital ADF has the widest dark shade range in the industry with an incredible clear shade 3 light state
  • Vision shell is lightweight and ergonomically designed with complete head, neck and ear coverage

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Following are the features that make this hood standout among the rest of the protective hoods and gears.


ArcOne has made sure that there are no loop holes when it comes to the safety of your eyes and skin during welding. It has an Auto Darkening Filter instil in it that is further digitalised (X81V) to provide you the enhanced experience of protection. In addition to this, the gear provides the largest darkening shade range from 5 to 14 compared to the rest of the welding helmets.

As mentioned above, these shades are changed according to the different amperages and electrical arcs you are being exposed to with the help of sensors. Moreover, it has a light shade of 3 that facilitates a clear view of the world around you without you having to remove your welding helmet. You might ask that why ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet has the largest shade range?

To answer this question, you need to observe its 11 delay settings that range from 0.1 to 3.5 seconds and hence are able to provide this welding helmet with the largest shade range. Aside from protecting your eyes and face from the potential harmful sparks and splutters, it also provides a cover for your neck that completely eradicates any possibility of accidents.


ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet with X81V Digital Asic Auto Darkening Filter, TankArcOne is a manufacturer that is known for their innovation and enhanced technology as they continuously strive to improve their customers’ experience by introducing new and better ways to raise the stakes of the protection in welding. They have made leaps and bounds in the field of automation especially with the introduction of Auto Darkening Filter.

In order to further explain how darkening filter being automatic holds such importance here, let’s understand how it actually works. Each darkening filter comes with various sensors that can recognize the many welding amperages welder use. After detecting these electrical arcs, these sensors send command to the inner mechanism of the welding helmet which then later adjusts the shade of the viewing window to provide necessary protection against these arcs and amperages.

You don’t need to adjust the sensitivity of your helmet constantly during your work; ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet does it for you! Furthermore, it is equipped with an application specific integrated circuit that enhances its digital performance efficiently.

Visibility and Design

Welding is a dangerous process that requires you to be cautious of not just only the task at hand but also your surroundings. There maybe a concern that wide shade range can somehow obstruct your visibility but that’s not possible as aside from the wide shade range, it has a light shade of 3 and a viewing window of 12.6 square inch. This viewing area when compared to others can be considered one of the largest viewing plates installed among all these welding helmets.

Most welding helmets come in either black or grey. There is not much you can get in a welding helmet terms of a design and colour. That’s why many welders opt to either colour or draw something on their welding helmets to make it look trendy and personalized.

ArcOne has also solved this problem of the welders as its welding helmet is designed as a helmet that a soldier would use. The helmet is painted in various military colours and gives an illusion of a real war helmet.



ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet costs around $345 online. It may seem a hefty amount but if you look at all the features offered in this protective gear, then you will realize that the price of this welding helmet is totally befitting of its pros.

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Review & Ratings

Unlike most welding helmets, ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet is a customer favourite. Many professionals and amateurs have used it according to their needs and all of them have posted positive reviews about this product.  Online research can further help you understand the advantages of this product as you can read the reviews and ratings online as well as compare features and prices of this product with the similar products. ArcOne has made sure that their product comes out winning during all kinds of comparisons.


Why should you buy ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet?

ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet with X81V Digital Asic Auto Darkening Filter, Tank

ArcOne has made sure that their product has everything that can assist a welder’s work as well as provide him with efficient protection against highly intense radiation. Moreover, it is equipped with Auto Darkening Filter and shades that are approved by ASIC. If you compare all the features of ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet with other welding helmets in the market, then you’ll know that this product is the best you can find in this price.



ArcOne X81VX-1555 Vision Welding Helmet as a protective gear has proved its worth several times. Its automation and advanced technology can protect your eyes and skin unlike any other welding helmet, so don’t hesitate to check out this gear now!

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