Rhino Large View RH01 Welding Helmet Review

If you enjoy welding or participate in tasks where intense lights are involved, then you definitely need to make a great investment into your safety. Welding helmets work to protect your eyes, so that you do not suffer from poor eyesight or blindness.

The Rhino Large View RH01 welding helmet is great for guaranteeing head and eye protection, with quality design and workmanship that will prevent eye strain if you are working with foreign materials for extended periods of time.

This comfortable, durable, and high-performing helmet is extremely affordable to own, making it perfect for all your welding projects.

Rhino Large View RH01 Welding Helmet Features

So if you are in need of a protective Welding Helmet that will not burn a hole in your pocket, read on for a comprehensive review below.

Lightweight Construction

The Rhino Large View has been constructed with lightweight and durable materials, which offer consistently high performance during your welding tasks.

To begin with, the RH01 has a carbon fiber body that has been carefully crafted to absorb any force or impact that may occur as you are working. This body is extremely light so that you do not experience fatigue as you go about your work.

Additionally, the welding helmet is composed of an external nylon shell that is lightweight in nature, which works to provide infrared and ultraviolet protection on a continuous basis. This helmet which weighs less than 1.2 pounds is also heat resistant and splash weld resistant.

Large Viewing Panel

This helmet also boasts of 10 square inches of viewing window, which is much larger than the viewing panels found on a majority of welding helmets.

This large viewing window gives you the chance to see more of your work surroundings, in turn reducing the chance of accidents resulting from unforeseen variables.

This viewing panel also allows you to clearly see the materials you are working on, therefore decreasing eye strain.

Auto-darkening Feature

The Rhino Large View RH01 is also made up of advanced technology features, more specifically its auto-darkening panel. This panel eliminates the need of tinted glass on your welding helmet, as it is made up of 2 arc sensors that detect light changes.

When this occurs, the panel will automatically darken to prevent you from witnessing the full impact of flashing lights, in turn protecting your eyes. Once the lights lose their intensity the panel will detect this and the panel will lighten up. This panel is highly efficient and is great to have.


Performance of the welding helmet is magnificent, with a 1/25000 second response time in regards to the auto-darkening panel.

The panel also has sensitivity and delay adjustment dials that allow you to customize the features of the helmet to your preferences.

Power Sources

The Rhino Large View helmet is powered by 2 replaceable batteries and a solar panel. The auto-darkening panel is powered by the batteries as it is electrical, while the solar panels power the helmet and work to extend the lifespan of the CR2025 batteries.

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  • Viewing lens is huge
  • Lens adjustment knob can be adjusted with welding gloves one
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Outer protective lens is tight
  • Heat resistant
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Low battery indicator
  • Bumping the knob slightly might cause it to turn and change
  • Helmet cannot be used for laser welding, overhead welding, and laser cutting applications

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How large is the viewing screen of this welding helmet?

A: The Rhino Large View has a screen that measures 4 inches by 2.6 inches, which is exceptionally big for an automatic lens.

Q: Is there sufficient room inside the helmet to wear glasses?

A: Yes, the inside of the helmet is exceptionally roomy. It will allow you to comfortably wear your prescription glasses and safety glasses.

There are 3 adjustment settings for the soft shell band, which allow you to set the helmet near to or far from your nose.

Q: What is the darkness rating for this helmet?

A: The rating is shade number 4 and Grind mode/Shade numbers 9 through 13

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Final Verdict

What did I tell you? The Rhino Large View RH01 certainly offers value for its money. Though the positioning of the adjustment knob can be unpleasant and the applications of the helmet are somewhat limited, this Rhino creation serves as a great addition for your day to day activities.

If you are on a shoestring budget but still want to protect your eyes from damage, then I would encourage you to go with Rhino.



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