Miller 245799 Titanium Series 1600 Fixed Shade Helmet Review

Modern houses, constructions and factory works require us to weld on numerous occasions during the day. No matter how big or small your project is, you will always require a quality welding helmet for protection. Miller 245799 Titanium Series 1600 Fixed Shade Helmet can be a great aid to all the users in this regard.

Miller 245799 Titanium Welding Helmet Features

This lightweight helmet comes with a lot of features, and added advantages. Let us discuss those in this review article in detail.

Accessories are a Big Boost

When you Buy Miller 245799 Titanium Series 1600 Fixed Shade Helmet, you will get a bag where you can store this helmet when not using. It is a Pull-String Bag.

There is also a pack of lenses which you can switch with that inside and outside the helmet. You will get five outside and two inside lenses of fixed shades. There is also a back piece made of foam, which ensures you are comfortable when you wear the welding helmet while welding.

It is a mid ranged helmet and by no means THE BEST ONE in the market. But, in accordance to its price, it is a wonderful piece to own.

The Control Panel of the Helmet

Miller 245799 Titanium Series 1600 Fixed Shade Helmet comes with an easy control panel for navigation. First of all, the helmet adjusts to your head easily with controls at the back of your head, and on the top. No matter, what size your head is, you will wear it just fine.

The shade controller is another good feature to have in this helmet. You can control level eight to level 10 shades using this helmet, but the best practice is to keep it between 10 and 11 most of the time.

The Battery and Solar Panel

Miller 245799 Titanium Series 1600 Fixed Shade Welding Helmet utilizes a solar panel along with the battery. It is a one-time battery. The battery has 3000-hour  lifetime attached to it. The solar panel works great during the day.

At that time, you can put the battery at ease by pressing the reset button inside your helmet. Whenever the Battery indicator flashes red, you will need to take the battery out, reset it with a new one and hit the go again.

Sensitivity Feature Works Great!

There is a sensitivity indicator which can be used for a more customized experience. You can use the helmet in ambient light by turning the sensitivity high. When someone is welding metals and grinding them, they can switch to Grinding Mode by turning the sensitivity low and have the best experience.

The delay function works well when you are working with bright sparks, and you don’t want your helmet to return to normal right after you have finished welding. On the outside, this helmet has 3 sensors.

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  • Low Budget Helmet for Welding.
  • It comes with Dual Power: A Battery and a solar cell.
  • Compact size, great sensitivity features for an Entry Level Helmet.
  • There is a Grinding Mode for welding metals.
  • Inside and outside Sensitivity adjustment options available.
  • The hood can be malfunction and the knobs at the sides and wear out with time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I Need to Flip the Helmet when I decide to work?

A: Yes, you need to flip the entire helmet; the helmet can be detached only to take out the lenses or reset them.

Q: Does it Auto Darken?

A: No, it is a fixed shade lens, don’t expect this to be darkening on its own. Try the sensitivity controls.

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Final Verdict

The Helmet is for those who want a mid-ranged helmet with possibly all the perks of the high-end welding helmets but in small portions. It comforts you in many ways.

In addition to granting you comfort; it makes the job of welding easier than you think. At $37.33 dollars, you couldn’t have asked for a better helmet than this.



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