Lincoln 3350 Viking Electric Welding Helmet K3034-2

Welding helmet, auto-direction, lens shade 5 to 13, rated helmet light state is not rated, view field 3.74 in. X 3.34 in., Welding helmet color black, welding helmet material nylon, poly car bonnet, 3350 series, green mode yes, number of electromagnetic sensors, pressure sensor number 4, speed 1 / 25,000 seconds switching, graphite none, TIG AMP rating 2A, power source Solar, Headgear Ratchet, ADF Controls Noves, Battery Type Solar Sales, Features 4C (TM) Lens Technology, Optical Clarity, Wide Screen View

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Lincoln 3350 Viking Electric Welding Helme
Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet comes with a magnetic cheater lens. This lens helps your eyes by protecting them from upward spit and pieces of metals.

There are as many as 4 arc sensors which will allow you to sense different things while welding metals.The auto-darkening feature reacts to different shades of light.

Doing that, the welding helmet will provide you different brightness for different lights that will help you in coping with UV rays and other harmful lights.

The Welding Helmet lets you attach a hard-hat on top of the regular protector. It is a handy feature to have if you want extra protection for your head and eyes.

The lightweight helmet will cause you less fatigue than its contemporaries. Also you can adjust the helmet according to your head to ensure best fit.

Feature Highlights

  • 1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating (EN379)
  • Ensures Superior comfort with the new pivot style headgear
  • It has a very large viewing area in the VIKING line
  • You can replace the lens with Standard 4 x 5
  • It has 4 Sensors
  • Internal Shade Control
  • Replaceable lithium battery
  • Weight 567g

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