Jackson Safety W70 Welding Helmet

W70 Series Welding Hood set a high standard for performance. This is an advanced ADF that has achieved the “optimum class optical” classification achieved with Belder technology. This cast hood has achieved 1/1/1/1 ratings and meets EN379 standards, so you know that you are achieving the best. If you are a merchant owner, a serious independent welder or a dedicated weekend solder, Jackson Protection with Belder Technology, the BH3 Auto-Dinning Welding Helmet helps you get the job done properly. It is open with a superior angle scene, improved visibility and color detection and a variable shade (9-13) with permanent sensitivity (say “automatic dimming”) and time delay.

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Jackson Safety W70 Welding Helmet
The Jackson Safety W70 black colored welding helmet comes with EN379 ADF rating for auto darkening feature. That means, it will provide you clear vision while you weld. It saves you from radiant energy by providing variable shades from #9 to #13.

Calculate the luminous transmittance and angles with this helmet and see clearly from difficult angles. That will ensure you have a great welding experience on difficult projects.

The outer construction of the helmet is made of hard plastic which protects your face better from injuries.Many would consider this helmet a bit weak in terms of construction but Jackson Safety helmet Meets ANSI/ISEA Z87.1+2010 regulations in terms of protecting your head from welding damages. It is a very sturdy helmet for the users.

Feature Highlights

  • Superior angle of view
  • Quick and easy replacement of safety plates
  • Enhanced visibility and color recognition
  • Smooth, rounded perimeter for increased comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Auto-On ADF is always ready to weld
  • CE Certified

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