iMeshbean® Lightning Skull Design Hood Solar Auto Darkening

Solar powered automatic dark filter helmet. Charging with welding or sunlight exposure. Full resemblance with CE and ANSI Z87 standard. Full range UV / IR protection shadows up to DIN 16 all the time. Auto switching time: Dark light 1 / 30,000 seconds.

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iMeshbean® Lightning Skull Design Hood Solar Auto Darkening
Made in USA, iMeshbean® is one of the best solar powered helmets in the market. The helmet turns on and off automatically. It gives you the ability to save the power of the battery.

​It uses standard lithium battery along with solar power. The solar panel provides you extended power to save the battery life and thus the helmet requires less charging.

This helmet is flexible and with it you can toggle between shades 9 to 13. Thus, you can work safely even with UV rays, sparks and other harmful lights emitting from the welded metals. There is a sweatband included in the package to prevent the sweat of yours getting inside the eyes while working.

You can do the grinding work in addition to the standard welding jobs with this helmet. The safety features keep you safe from UV rays and the R-rated rays. The sensitivity switch and delay-time switch allow you to customize the light sensitivity and the darkening time. That makes it easy to perform TiG, MIG or ARC welding.

Feature Highlights

  • Ultra safe protection from spark, spatter, harmful radiations (UV and IR radiations)
  • Auto power ON/OFF for added safety and better power saving
  • Welding and grinding selective
  • 3 sqr inch large viewable window for better performance
  • weight only 1.2 lbs

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